Examples of annotated bitmap graphics

Annotated images in these examples require video display resolution to be at least 600x800 pixels. Javascript support in your web browser is required as well. Javascript is supported in the recent releases of Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Follow the links called "annotated image" that are placed just after the image on this page. Those links will open a new browser window with the annotated image and annotation information.

Harbor and ship

A diagram from a physics textbook. It shows two possible trajectories of a cannonball that will hit a pirate ship in the harbor.
image of harbor and ship
(Annotated Harbor and ship)

Inclined plane

This picture from a mechanics textbook illustrates static equilibrium of a block on an inclined plane. The forces acting on the block are shown. These are: gravitation, the Normal force, and friction.
picture of block on the inclined plane
(Annotated inclined plane)


USA map picture
(Annotated USA map)

Map of Oregon State University campus.

OSU campus map picture
(Annotated OSU map)